Saying hello to old friends.

I started this blog roughly four years ago, and with the sincerest intentions. I planned to use it, if not regularly, then at least semi-regularly as I continued making Booktube content.

As is made obvious by almost immediate cessation of content, I mainly forgot this blog existed.

Now, spending all this time at home, having so many thoughts that don’t seem to fit anywhere – in conversations with people, on my Booktube channel, in any written book reviews I’m doing – I’m beginning to remember what motivated me to launch this blog in the first place.

There are certain books I read that inspire connected conversations. Sometimes I can fit them into a video or written book review, other times it feels like those thoughts are too tangential to cram into those mediums. This blog was always intended to house those conversations as sort of a Booktube “add-on.” There’s a reason I thought it sounded like a good idea four years ago, and I’d like to give it another try.

I’m attempting to use this time in several ways, but at the top of that list is reconnecting with people. Let’s tack this onto that initiative.

So, hello old friend. Let’s talk books.

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